Friday the 13th ;)

Friday the 13th… unlucky… hmmm My husband thinks not. He loves Friday the 13th. Wonder if he got his Lotto Max for tonite? I really have to get into this Blog thing haha.. Soooo Today I wrote a BootCamp Exam for My Travel. Refresher, lots of new stuff to be learn. The Travel Industry is always Changing and it is nice to keep on Board and keep up with all the Changes.. Sooo Starting Today I am Gonna Try and Post each Day a Different Hotel On the Vegas Strip. I sooo love Vegas. And I want you to fall in love with it as well.. I have only been the once but I am hoping on making it there this Fall. I am gonna Start on the South end of Las Vegas Blvd and make my way North. Buckle Down for Here Starts the Journey………..


Day 1… Mandalay Bay,The Hotel and Four Seasons

First Hotel on the Strip Heading North. The picture of The Mandalay Bay is looking south. But we are gonna Venture North afterwards.

The Vegas Sign is about a 5-10 minute walk South. There is a man that was there taking photos with your camera. He is such a natural that after he wants $ for his time. Hey it is sooo worth it. Think we gave him $5.00. Now on to the start of the Vegas Resort Walk 😉

The Mandalay Bay/The Hotel/Four Seasons Hotel

Total Rooms 3309 with a Southeast  Asia Theme. Opened in 1999 was The Mandalay Bay, The Hotel opened in 2003. Thin Gold-leafed  used on the windows. 11 Acres for the Mandalay Beach Area. 3 Heated  Pools with a Wave Generator, A Beach and a Artifical River. 2700 Tons of Sand was transported from Southern California. The Shark Reef Features more than 2000 animals. Also has a Beach side Casino. 3 Story,climate controlled glass fronted Casino. Casual Attire is actually Encouraged. Even the dealers are dressed in Bikinis and Beachwear. Concerts on the Beach. FYI Sugarland is performing on Sept 2,2012. The main Casino is 135,000sq and there is a Tram that connects to its sister’s properties Excalibur and Luxor. There is only Suites at The Hotel. Micheal Jackson Tribute is suppose to start in 2013 for a Attraction.It is a MGM Property so there are Daily Resort Fees. Over 28 restaurants and a handful of bars.Prices start at $80 and up. Whats not to love here…….Good as Gold 😉

Travel Myth

 The price I see online is the price I pay. **Be vary cautious when booking online. Many of these companies do use very mis leading marketing practices. If you go to the final booking screen (not the initial screen) you will notice that most times the initial price can increase substantially. Also, you will have to click a little box prior to booking called “terms and conditions” it is always good to read these as they most times list flights are not confirmed, supplier may charge additional fees to your credit card etc. A good rule of thumb is “if it is too good to be true, it is”. **

Peace River,Alberta

June 27,2012. Tomorrow will be one month that we have been here. The big move from Yarmouth NS to Peace River AB. A town about the size of our other town. The kids have adjusted well and myself have enjoyed it as well. Been plenty hot. The husband has been working at Hillards Bay, north of Slave Lake. The scenery has been beautiful. Lots of pasture. Haven’t seen a whole lots of cows,lots of horses and mule deer. Went to Hillards Bay Provincial Park last weekend. Very gorgeous spot. Gonna be starting back on blogging tweeting now that it has slowed down some. Getting alittle organized with my travel updates again. Just got to organized my office space in my little apartment 😉 praying soon to be in a cute little house my husband built out of town about 20km. Fingers crossed.  

Using a Travel Agent…..

Are you debating whether to use a live travel agent to book your vacation or to go it alone by using the Internet? 1. You’ve Googled “Mexico vacation,” and come up with 17.8 million responses. Need a little help editing those choices? 2. …Remember when you used that obscure website to book your hotel, and when you got there you spent your beach vacation overlooking a parking lot? 3. How many hours were you on hold with the airline when your flight was canceled because of a snowstorm? 4. Did you really mean to spend your honeymoon at that resort whose one tiny pool was filled all day with 12 screaming children? 5. Who knew that when you booked that “villa” in Tuscany, it would be a small room with a kitchenette and no air conditioning? Funny, it looked much better on your computer screen. 6. No one explained to you that in July, it’s winter time in Rio, and so you showed up there with nothing but five Hawaiian shirts and three pairs of swimming trunks. 7. How about the time you really needed a restful vacation, and you ended up in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and someone threw up on your shoes? 8. Yes, I guess that hotel must have used a telephoto lens when they took a picture of those guest rooms that you saw on their website. 9. I suppose contacting the Attorney General to resolve the fact that that Internet site has billed your credit card three times instead of once is the only route to take at this point. 10. It was definitely odd that there were no cab drivers at the airport at 3 o’clock in the morning when you finally landed in Costa Rica, but booking a transfer to your very remote hotel would have been a good thing to remember when you purchased your airline ticket and hotel online.